All The Turn

Writing this newsletter for the Old Club’s 94th season is a lot like playing links golf. Some issues roll out beautifully as if on a downhill, divot free fairway. Others are buffeted by the winds, some inside the Clubhouse. Occasionally a pot bunker swallows a story or a thought and getting out may mean going around instead of straight ahead. The news comes in from our reporters like Scottish greens – smoothly written but a little bit slower than experience leads the editor to expect. And then there is the fescue – the chaff around the stories, some can be ignored, some changes the game entirely, for some you take an unplayable. To my way of thinking, it’s life at our Club the way it should be. It’s also the way this newsletter usually gets written.

Classic golf links head out from the Clubhouse for the first nine holes, and then turn back towards home. With this edition, we’ve done about half the issues for this year. In classics links style, we’re at the turn. I’ll have a Fin & Fern roast beef sandwich and a Coke No Sugar, with hopes to play better on the Back 9.

And herewith the news.

News of the Clubhouse:

Annie will be away this week, and we wish her well. Patty, Willow and Diana will be managing the Pro Shop. Please give them the respect they deserve and the courtesy you were taught by your parents. We are in the busiest part of our season, there will be a lot of members and visitors at the Club, and everyone would like to think their need is the most important. IT’S NOT. As two former Religion majors (stop laughing) Dana and I have learned PATIENCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIRTUE. Practice it!

The Lobster Dinner on July 9 was a stunning success, on one of those truly beautiful Maine evenings the tourism industry portrays as happening every summer night. Master Chef Ryan Hayward served up perfectly steamed lobster and grilled chicken that even my Missus loved. The accompaniments – all produced by our wonderful Club ladies – were outstanding, and the delicious and varied desserts brought in a warning from the American Society of Cardiologists, but so what!

Hole 7 Par 4

Hole 7 Par 4

Master Chef Ryan Hayward Chicken for the Missus

Jeannette Parker produced another outstanding raffle prize package that raised $175 for the Club’s social programs.

Liza Childs (unpaid spokesmodel) with our new ICC golf towels

Liza Childs (unpaid spokesmodel) with our new ICC golf towels

The beautiful prize package and ticket box

And the winner was Mason Webb, seen here with his Dad, Cory, and Uncle Shaun – two great Island Country Club members for many years

Cory, Mason and Uncle Shaun Webb

A Night in Italy is Tuesday, July 19 and there are only a few seats left for this exciting 5 course dinner from Chef Andy Chappell of Stonington’s award-winning Fin & Fern. The menu:

Pizzette ala Fin & Fern

Insalata Italia – local greens, Fin & Fern’s Dressing

Pane all’aglio (garlic bread)

Fin & Fern’s house made pastas and three sauces:

La Verdura (Vegetables) con Sauce Primavera

Frutti di Mare (Seafood) Alfredo

Pollo (Chicken) con Pesto alla Genovese

Cannoli, Tiramisu and a Chef’s surprise

Annie has cellared some excellent, reasonably priced Prosecco as well as red and white wines to accompany the five courses appropriately, and there may be a special surprise or more. $35.00 per person. Make your reservations in the Clubhouse or call 348 2379.

Wine Wednesday is an exceptionally popular Club event this summer, with Social Director Jeannette Parker noting that not only was last week’s gathering the largest yet of the season, but that wine and beer sales in June alone totaled over $1400.00. Here is this week’s report: The first Wine Wednesday in July brought 28 members together for another fun evening of friendship and laughter. Again, a great selection of appetizers prove ample for dinner with assorted sandwiches, spreads, dips and desserts. Door prize winners last week were Linda Allen, Tom Colwell and Dick Roth.

This week, July 13, Nothing says Summer like The Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett!! Wear your dancing shoes, your favorite Hawaiian shirt or dress and come and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE at Wine Wednesday this week. Per usual…. appetizers and door prizes…come join the fun!

A Deep Breath and a Glass of Wine While Watching the Sun Set Always Soothes the Soul

Wine Wednesday ~ July 13 ~ 5:00 – 6:30

Friends ~ Appetizers ~ Door prizes

*Family and visiting guests welcome*

Swing By Fore a Fun Time!

A reminder that TeeTimes are required for members Friday afternoons as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. All play those three days must begin from the First Tee. We are seeing much higher than usual play on those days, and this is the only way to keep play moving and easing delays on the course. The only exception is Morning Golf when it is held on Sundays at 8:00AM, for which no reservations are required, and which will use a shotgun start to ease scheduled foursomes on to the course earlier. If you do come to the course on any day without a reservation, know that there is no preference for members, but it may be possible to fit you into a gap on the first tee.

Members must sign in in the Pro Shop every time they come to play golf and tennis. We need this information for many reasons, but the most important is to know where on the property you are likely to be found in the event of an emergency. And do know that when it comes to signing in and your position as a weekday walk-on, PATTY’S WORD IS LAW.

The Island Country Club’s 4th of July Parade Float finished second in the “walking” category (those three carts most definitely did not walk!) in the Island’s hugely attended July 4th Parade, mysteriously themed as Tropical Flamingos. Many thanks to Ladies Golf for their hard work, great decorations, winning smiles and for taking your editor along for the ride.

News of Golf:

Scrambles comes first this week because your editor forgot to pick up last week’s report. Scrambles co-commissioner Judge Newman, who let me off without a contempt citation, reported for July 1 that low gross was won by the foursome of Brett Parrack, Steve Moore, Scott Haynesworth and Lisa Haynesworth at an amazing 28! Low putts went to David Griewe, Ed Black, Mike Parker and Jeannette Parker at a not so amazing 11. Pam Fowler was closest to the pin for women on #6 at 8’6” and Jack Shaw closest on #4 at 7’9”.


Scrambles on Friday, July 8 is reported by co-commissioner Mimi Gerstell: Six teams competed in the Friday Scrambles on July 8th. Low gross (3 under par/aka 31) went to Oma Hester, Dan McLaughlin, and Mike Parker. Low putts (10 putts) went to John Shanklin, Aaron Ringer, Ned Kendrick, and Pam Fowler. Aaron was permitted to claim his winnings only after he admitted that his grandparents, Barbara and Bob Hattemer, will arrive on the island next week. In addition to low putts, Pam Fowler won the ladies’ closest to the pin prize at 40 feet. Your co-commissioner (aka Mimi) messed up the men’s closest to the pin competition by sending Keith Hoover to hole #4 with a placard that still showed John Shanklin’s 8-foot result from the year 2021, so that no men wrote down any results for 2022. Better luck next Friday when Dick Newman will run Scrambles! That Scrambles will be played on Friday, July 15 at 9:00AM. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379, and please provide your handicap index to help form even teams.


The big Scrambles News is the Howdy Thompson is back! Mimi writes: We’ll do the Howdy Thompson memorial on July 29th. Each player will use only three clubs. Obviously, it would be likely that each player would select a putter as one of the three clubs; the other two could be a driver and an iron, or a shorter wood and a wedge; or really any combo that makes a player feel she or he can play all the shots with just the three clubs. (Editor’s Note: Howdy played with a wood – probably a real persimmon wood, a 6 iron and a putter, but the course was quite different from today’s longer, irrigated beauty).


The Member/Member Tournament is Sunday, July 17. There are Men’s and Women’s Divisions, with members playing as twosomes. Men will play 18 holes, Ladies 9. Signup sheets are posted in the Clubhouse. Both players must be Island Country Club members (no 10-play players permitted) and must have current USGA Handicap Indexes. Sign up by Saturday afternoon July 16.


Men’s Presidents’ Cup competition is down to a Final Four. Two matches will be scheduled during the week: Mark Sterritt will play Jack Shaw and Dan McLaughlin is up against Myron Curtis. May they all play well. And remember, should either match catch up to your group please let them play through.


Ladies Presidents’ Cup competition is down to the Elite (no other word for them) 8. Four matches will be played this week, and, again, those matches have precedence on the course should they need to play through.


Ladies Golf for July 5 is reported by eagle eyed correspondent Sharon Hellstedt:

Ladies played “BEST EIGHT” – Everyone played their own ball. At completion of their nine holes, they were able to subtract their highest hole score from their overall score for their game score.

Winners: 1st – Linda Kimbrell (33)

2nd – Pam Fowler (37)

3rd – Suzanne Banghart (39)

Inese Moore (39)

Low Putts: Linda Allen (15)

Linda Kimbrell (15)

Paula Colwell (15)

Closest to the Pin on Hole 6:

Paula Colwell (14.5)


Twilight League results for July 5 and Session 1 Standings are reported by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

1-Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 20pts card playoff

2-Lee Levant/Jerry Gray 20pts

3-Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 18pts


Pin Hole 4:

1- Kendall McGuffie 18’ 10 1/2”


Mid-season standings:

1-Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 87pts

2-Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 69 pts

3-Steve Stone/David Greiwe 64 pts

4-Sam Ostrow/John Thompson III 64 pts

5-Jack Shaw/Jim McDonald 62 pts

6-Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 60 pts

7-Lee Levant/Jerry Grey 58 pts

8-Steve Smith/Richard Eaton 54 pts

9-Myron Curtis/Ed Black 46 pts

10-Mark Sterritt/Kendall McGuffie 40 pts


There is still time to sign up for Twilight League’s Session 2, beginning August 1. Send a note to Ken Wiberg at


Billings League is reported by Chef Extraordinaire Ryan Hayward:

1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt -3

2nd- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -2

3rd Luke Hartmann/Nick Eaton -1

4th- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald E

5th- Bry Ciomei/James Knight E


PIN #6

1st- Ethan Shepard 10′ 8″

2nd- Peter Grindle 13′ 8″

3rd- Will Morey 18′ 7″



1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 25 pts.

2nd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 32 pts.

3rd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 33 pts.

4th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 35 pts.

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 38 pts.


Yes, your editor got his first Hole in One on Saturday, playing with Steve Moore, on #4 with a gap wedge. And, yes, the golf gods got even on Sunday – with authority! The bloom is off.


Fix your ball mark on the greens and repair one more! Take sand to replace divots! Rake bunkers! Leave rakes in bunkers (much better last week)! And please thank each Grounds Crew member whenever you see them on the course!


News of Tennis:

Tennis is doubling down on news this week, Co-Director Linda Allen reports: In tennis news, time is quickly approaching for the Lucky Draw Tennis Tournament, a mixed-up pairing of players. Be sure to add your name to the list before the deadline of noon on Friday. The match will be held on Saturday morning, July 16th, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and is open to members and non-members.


The sign-up sheet for the Mixed Doubles Club Championship is on the bulletin board and ready for teams to add their names. The matches will be held on Saturday, August 6th at 9:00AM. We encourage all tennis-playing members to participate.


The “Find a Partner” lists have names of those who want to play both singles and doubles. If you are looking for a partner, call someone on the list. Remember, too, that everyone is welcome at Open Tennis on Wednesday mornings from 9 to noon and Sunday afternoons from 2 to 5.


Remember to sweep your court when your play is over.


News of Bridge:

Bridge will be played tonight at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. Please arrive by 6:45 to help commissioner and favorite deal maker Jim Plotts get the play organized. $3.00 for members, $5.00 for non-members and the possibility of refreshments. Bridge was NOT played on July 4.




Editor’s Note: Elie Wiesel wrote that there are some things in this world so evil that we risk madness if we dare delve into them. Living in an adjacent Chicago suburb, I spent much of my childhood in Highland Park — shopping, eating out with my parents, going to parties with friends, seeing movies with dates and playing with my cousins in their home. My brother still lives nearby. I struggled for something to write, and then remembered what Wiesel taught. There remains only one word, the one with which T.S. Eliot ended The Wasteland: Shantih – the peace that passeth understanding.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large