Lovers of the Gascon dish, Cassoulet, argue endlessly about the proper ingredients. Among those most frequently found in the stew pot are chunks of lamb leg, sliced pork tenderloin, duck confit, garlic sausage, onion, white beans soaked in herb infused water, tomato sauce and more garlic. The origins of the dish go well back into French peasantry in the late Renaissance – where whatever was available was thrown into a constantly heated stewpot (from which the word potpourri – “poor pot” – is derived). Because the pot remained on the heat for months, the cassoulet continually evolved. The fascinating thing, for those of us who make it once a year, or enjoy it in a French restaurant, is that no matter how diverse the ingredients, the dish is always a harmonious whole.


These last weeks of the 94th season are the Old Club’s cassoulet – lots of very diverse things happening, added to the schedule at different times, yet all consistent with our founders’ conception of the Island Country Club being the focal point of the social and recreational life of the Island and Peninsula. Savor the special feel of this plateful of the blended opportunities of late summer. Do what you can to help it linger. Perhaps add something to the pot. This cassoulet of experiences comes but once a year, each year modestly different, but feeling very much the same.


From last week’s batch of ingredients to the ones we expect this week, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Island Country Club’s Annual Meeting is Wednesday, August 17 at 4:00PM. All members are invited to attend, participate and vote to ratify the Nominating Committee’s proposed list of Officers and Directors. The agenda is:

Welcome, Agenda Summary, Meeting Procedures

Operations Reviews

Financial Review

Directors Remarks

Going Forward

Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors

Closing Remarks and Adjournment

The nominees for Officer and Director positions are:

Executive Committee Officers and Directors:

Co-President 1 – Sam Ostrow (1 year term)

Co-President 2 – Ryan Hayward (2 year term)

Co-Vice President 1 – One Year Term (Vacant)

Co-Vice President 2 – Shaun Webb (2 year term)

Treasurer – David Greiwe (1 year term)

Secretary – Mikey Bannister (1 year term)

Board Members/Directors (one year terms):

Building – Vern Seile

Social – Jeannette Parker

Golf Handicap and Rules – Dick Dunham

Long Range Planning – Lee Levant

Golf Tournaments – Ryan Hayward

Men’s Golf – Ken Wiberg

Ladies Golf – To be determined by Ladies Golf

Grounds – Jon Hellstedt

Tennis – to be chosen by Tennis members

At Large – Mike Parker, Walt Epply, Jim Plotts


The Club’s constitution calls for two Vice Presidents serving staggered terms. The Nominating Committee is seeking a Vice President to serve a one-year term beginning with this year’s election and to be nominated for a two year term as Club President at next year’s Annual Meeting. If you are interested, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee – Linda Stratton, Lee Levant and Sam Ostrow.


The 2022 Island Country Club Members Directory has been published and is available in the Pro Shop. Copies will also be available at the Annual Meeting. The Directory includes all members, their Club area and home addresses and phone numbers and email addresses. Please take a copy with you for your use – but please keep it secure as scammers look for materials of this kind to make their contacts. Many thanks to Willow Weed-Eaton for her great work in gathering and organizing the information and supervising the publication.


A Taste of Maine with Fin & Fern is Tuesday, August 23, and while it’s a very Maine meal, Chef Andy Chappell promises it will be out of this world. Among the special dishes from Fin & Fern are starters Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad with bacon and tomato, and Steamed Mussels with garlic bread; dinner courses of Fresh Caught Maine Halibut Filet in a soy and ginger sauce with Andy’s Mashed Potatoes, and Scallops Scampi with House Made Fettucine; and a special Blueberry Dessert with fruit picked at the height of the season. Pair those incredible flavors with the Club’s outstanding wines and beers and you have the best meal of the summer at the incredible price of $40 per person. Sign up now, as the limit for this evening is 60 people. Beverages at 5:30PM, Dinner at 6:00PM. You can sign up in the Clubhouse or by calling 348 2379.


Wine Wednesday is building as the season heads to a close, Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: The best turnout of the summer occurred at last week’s Wine Wednesday! Forty-three members, friends and guests gathered for conversation, friendship and another great selection of appetizers. The Hattemer family has arrived back on the island. We have awaited their return…. a wonderful surprise when they entered the Great Room. THANK YOU, David Greiwe! How lucky is the ICC to have a member who not only plays the bagpipes but is always willing to share his talent by entertaining a very receptive audience …… a real treat for everyone! Door prize winners last week: Ryan Hayward, Betsy Morgan and Linda Raines.


Three Wine Wednesdays remaining — please sign-up the next 2 Wednesdays. August 17 and 24. DO NOT MISS THE 8/31 FINALE!! The Social Committee is making plans for a FUN Wine Wednesday end of the season event. In lieu of appetizers, plans are being made for a BBQ…hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, cookies and watermelon. In addition to the BBQ, the Dance Party is happening! To assure plenty of food for all, please sign up if you plan to attend. And then there are door prizes! THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN EVENT! $$$ Donations Welcome. Thank you to those who have already donated.


The Cupola is back on the Clubhouse Roof – with great thanks to Stroud Watson and Roger Bergen, the architect and carpenter who reproduced the historic structure; and to Kenny Wiberg, Ryan Hayward and Keith Hoover, who scaled the roof to place it in its accustomed location. Outstanding work all around. And, yes, we are working to restore a weathervane to its accustomed position atop the cupola.


The cupola restored, thanks to Roger Bergen and Stroud Watson


And in further good news for the rooftop, the chimney has been repaired, relined and recapped and will be ready for use when cool temperatures return. Odds are they will.


Great golf and tennis shirts for the remaining summer days as well as autumn friendly pullovers for men and women have been restocked in the Pro Shop and are available at great prices. We also have a good supply of shirts in kids’ sizes as well as a wide variety of golf balls and other golf accessories.


News of Golf:

The Men’s Club Championship was won by Yvan Dupuy, a new member of the Club, who was so impressed by our course while playing for Blue Hill Country Club, that he chose to join us as well. He has played in Morning and Sunday Golf, and attended several Club events since joining in July. The complete results are provided by Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg (who earns kudos for how well this year’s Club Championship Tournament was managed): Congratulations to the winners in this year’s ICC Men’s Club Championship! We had a well-rounded field, with 10 players in the open division and 11 in the senior division. The Open division was decided by 1 stoke. Yvan Dupuy bested Ken Wiberg 152 to 153 over the 2-day 36-hole tourney while Richard Eaton bested Walt Epply in a two hole playoff this morning 9 to 10 (162 tied 162 after two rounds) for the Senior Championship. All winners are:

ICC Club Champion: Yvan Dupuy 152

Runner-up: Mark Sterritt 154

ICC Net Club Champion: Ken Wiberg 129

Runner-up: Stephen Moore 141


ICC Senior Club Champion: Richard Eaton 162 (playoff win)

Runner-up: Walt Epply 162

ICC Net Senior Club Champion: Dick Newman 136

Runner-up: Myron Curtis 138


Ladies Golf played the first round of their Club Championship, last Tuesday, August 9, with 16 women competing and playing from the Gold tees. This Tuesday they play the final round from the Green tees. As the very circumspect Anne Douglass wrote, “No results yet!” The competitors tee off before 9:00AM while the other members of Ladies Golf play regular golf at 9:00AM.


Twilight League results for August 8 are reported by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

1-Vern Seile (Ethan Shepard sub)/Jim McDonald 18 pts

2- Vito Corsini (Keith Hoover sub)/David Greiwe 17 pts

3- Jim Twitchell (Stephen Moore sub)/Dick Dunham (Dan McLaughlin sub) 15 pts


Pins Hole 3

1- Ethan Shepard 6’

2- Ryan Hayward 10’ 4”


Condolences to Twilight player Jerry Gray, who drew your editor’s score as the one to pair with his when his usual partner was unavailable. He would have lost less with a Mega Millions ticket.


Billings League results for August 11 are reported by Ryan Hayward (about whom please read the Editor’s Note at the end of this edition of the newsletter).

Blue Tees:

1st- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -3

2nd-Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie -2

3rd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -1

4th- Keith Hoover/Peter Grindle -1

5th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald -1


PIN #3

1st- Connor Morey 19 1/2″

2nd- Baren Yurchick 4′ 8″

3rd- Richard Eaton 23′ 10″



1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 41 pts

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 53 pts

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 68 pts

4th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 72 pts

5th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 72 pts


Scrambles was played on Friday, August 12 and is reported by Co-Commissioner The Honorable Dick (aka The Judge) Newman. Low gross winners with 29 were: Jack Shaw, Ed Black and Mimi Gerstell. Low with 10 on a match of cards were: Stephen Moore, Dave Goddard, Pam Fowler, and Arthur Poitras. Closest to the pin for the women, Carol Shaw @ 31’ 8”. For the men: Jack Shaw @ 14’ 8”.


Going forward, the deadline for signing up for Scrambles is 4:00PM Thursday. The Clubhouse staff will NOT accept signups after that deadline. If you have a sudden desire to play Scrambles when returning from sailing or shopping, or when waking up from your afternoon nap, please email Dick at


The Island Country Club Cup tournament is August 28. Everyone listed in the chart below is eligible to win the ICC Cup. Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg and Tournaments Director Ryan Hayward note that the winner of both the Net & Gross in the ICC Cup tournament will get 200 points added to their current score and the field will also get points based on how they finish in that 18-hole tournament. Good luck to all! The standings after all the Club’s tournaments and other scoring events:



News of Tennis:

Tennis news is reported by the group’s always smashing co-chair Linda Allen: ATTENTION ALL TENNIS PLAYERS! Don’t miss your last chance to participate in a tennis tournament this season! The “Lucky Draw” tournament will be played on Saturday morning at 9:00AM so be sure to sign up by noon on Friday. Players are assigned randomly to mixed doubles teams and a fun round of tennis ensues.


Open Tennis continues Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. It’s a good way to interact with other players who are here for short summer visits as well as year-round residents. All are welcome.


News of Bridge:

Bridge News for August 8 is dealt out by the King of Clubs, Jim Plotts: It must have been Pat Roth’s brownies OR we also were presented with cookies from Nancy Greene. Whatever the reason we had a nice turnout of 12 players, making 3 full tables. Close competition and, as always, some pleasant conversation. Looking forward to a nice turnout again tonight.



Editor’s Note: When his phone emitted that special tone yesterday morning, Club Vice President Ryan Hayward didn’t hesitate. Despite leading the Open Division of the Men’s Club Championship, Fire Chief Ryan Hayward aywardjumped into his truck and raced to the scene of that horrific and tragic fire on Fifield Point Road. He spent more than 12 hours there, assisting in putting out the fire, counseling his fellow fireman as they dealt with the tragedy, responding to inquiries from the public. How like Ryan, who the Island’s kids love for his costumes and candy for the Halloween parade; who the adults love for his supervision of the annual Winterfest fireworks; who drives the town’s firetruck in every community wide celebration as well as to lead mourners’ caravans to local cemeteries. And, how like Ryan who, in his “spare time,” captains his lobster boat, does great dad for his daughter, and is a gentleman to residents and visitors alike seeking conversation when he’s on the sidewalks and in the shops in Stonington and Deer Isle. It was Ryan who toiled most of March and April with Keith and the crew to trim brush and remove trees on the course infested with brown tail moths, and who earlier this season identified the risks in our chimney leading to the recent repairs. It has long been said that busy people always find time to be busy for one more thing. Last year, I literally begged Ryan to make our Old Club that one more thing. To our great benefit, he agreed. On Wednesday, he will join me as Co-President of the Island Country Club. I couldn’t be prouder than to serve with this paradigm of a busy man and of an Island citizen.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large