Tips for Open Tennis Coordinators (2022)

Volunteer Coordinators– are needed to organize matches and are asked to sign up in the Club House. Get the Open Tennis materials from the Club House including three containers of tennis balls, the ICC Open Tennis Worksheet, pencils (hopefully with eraser), and the horn. Then start to register players on the Worksheet. Afternoon Open Tennis is from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Morning Open Tennis is from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and must end by 12:00 pm as courts are watered from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Players rotate every 30 minutes as directed by the coordinator.

Weather Conditions – If doubtful, call the Club House an hour before starting time to find out if the courts will be open for play. The head groundskeeper makes this determination and the Club House will let you know if courts are open. All players are expected to check with Club House on their own. The decision will be made by 8:00 am

Register Players in Order of Arrival – Register players (please include last names) in order of arrival on the Worksheet – this is particularly important in July and August when the number of players may exceed the 24 maximum. The first 24 are guaranteed playing time – normally 1 ½ hours. Later arrivals may only play if one or more of the original 24 depart early.

Player Sign In – All players must sign in at the Club House before playing. Coordinators should determine that each player is either an ICC member or has paid the Open Tennis fee for that day ($15). Circle M (for Member) or G (for Guest or Visitor) on the Sign In Worksheet. Only flat soled tennis shoes should be worn on the courts

Managing Many Players – With 24 players, this permits each player 1 ½ hours of court time. With 18 players, each should normally get two hours of court time. If the number is between 18 and 24, try to give earlier arrivals preference to play the extra half hour. Though not a rule, in general, the first twelve should play first in order to accommodate any who arrive early because they want to leave early.

Assigning Matches – Aim for balance in assigning foursomes. Pairings based simply upon order of arrival will rarely accomplish this objective. Balance players with different skill levels in some matches and players with equal skill levels in others. When you have a large group of players, to achieve balance it is sometimes necessary to have someone sit out for 60 rather than 30 minutes. (This will often happen when you schedule players from the first twelve to play with players from the second twelve). Explain your reason in advance. It is the polite thing to do. Plus, you will likely get a reminder if you forget.

Worksheet Scheduling Tips – When you sign in players, indicate any likely early departures on the Worksheet. As play progresses, it can also help to enter a hash mark in the “# of sessions” column (far right of Worksheet) so you can more easily track the total court time of each player. Also, even with small groups, please complete the Worksheet and turn it in at the Club House. The Tennis Committee will use these attendance stats for its planning.

Playing Coordinators are OK – Coordinators can also play. Whether or not you choose to play will depend on the circumstances, the turnout, and your experience. It’s your call.

Closing Up at the End of the Session – Gather up the balls and Open Tennis materials (particularly the completed Worksheet) and return them to the Club House. Write any suggestions on the back of the Worksheet. Be sure that the courts have been swept and cleared of personal belongings, ball cans, and close the gates.

Under 15 years of Age – players must meet at least two of the following three criteria: a) demonstrate that they are a 3.0 level player or higher; b) be accompanied by a Member “sponsor” who assumes responsibility for their level of play and their decorum; c) be judged “qualified to play” by the ICC Tennis Professional. Please consult with the Club House in advance. (Tennis Committee; revised 6/27/2021)