It’s Really Summer

Dana Douglass and I were sitting on the Clubhouse’s back porch the other day, admiring the new fence on Tennis Court #1 and catching up on Club business, when a group of young golfers headed off the 2d green and headed immediately to the 5th tee. “It’s really summer,” we said to each other and then Dana directed them back to the tee for #3.

On the 5th tee Sunday morning, where we belonged, my group was waiting for a threesome of first-time visitors ahead of us to play their second shots, when one of them promptly hit his in the direction of the 6th green. “It’s really summer.”

I came into the Pro Shop from my round and Annie and Willow immediately let me know “we’re out of carts, with a lot of groups booked this afternoon.” “It’s really summer.” And see below for something we want to do about the cart situation.

And, with Annie’s prodding we decided that, yes, we can sell ice cream cups, sandwiches and bars, ice pops and other pre-packaged frozen treats. Yes, because “it’s really summer.” They’ll be in stock later this week.

Summer is fully upon us, with many of the events, tournaments, socials and dinners that make this time at the old Club so special now coming to the fore (pun intended).

So herewith the news:

News of the Clubhouse:

Tee times are required for members Friday afternoons as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. All play those three days must begin from the First Tee. We are seeing much higher than usual play on those days and this is the only way to keep play moving and easing delays on the course. The only exception is Morning Golf when it is held on Sundays at 8:00AM, for which no reservations are required, and which will use a shotgun start to ease scheduled foursomes on to the course earlier. If you do come to the course on those days without a reservation, know that there is no preference for members, but it may be possible to fit you into a gap on the first tee. And members must sign in in the Pro Shop when they come to play golf and tennis. We need this information for many reasons, but the most important is to know where on the property you are likely to be found in the event of an emergency.

The Kitchen is closed and will remain so for the season. The only kitchen equipment functioning are the big refrigerator, the microwave, the ice maker and the ice cream freezer. Only Club employees and food service catering personnel are allowed in the kitchen. Please do not ask the Clubhouse staff if this is going to change, do not ask if you can enter the kitchen, and do not ask if they can do something for you in the kitchen. It won’t, you can’t, and they know better.

Seats for the Lobster Dinner on July 9 are going fast. Sign up by Thursday in the Clubhouse or by calling 348 2379. Leave your name and the number of guests in your party. Cocktails at 4:00PM, Chef Ryan’s lobster and fixings at 5:00PM. Social Director Jeannette Parker has produced one of her fun filled prize baskets to be raffled off at the dinner (tickets are 3 for $5.00, 7 for $10.00) with the proceeds funding more door prizes for the weekly Wine Wednesday events.

A Night in Italy is on for Saturday, July 19. We’re meeting with Chef Andy this week to finalize the menu and determine the cost. Signing up in the Clubhouse in the next few days will help us with the planning. There is a signup sheet in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379.

Wine Wednesday is a great way to meet with friends of long standing and welcome new ones. Jeannette reports: The last Wine Wednesday in June brought 25 members together for another evening of friendship, camaraderie and laughter. A great spread of appetizers included jumbo shrimp cocktail, lobster dip, crabbies, enchilada dip, brownies, whoopie pies…. TASTY!! Door prizes again were won by a trio of ladies: Pat Carroll, Sally Richardson and Marilyn Schroer. As members continue to return to the island, we hope you’ll join us.

Always Find a Reason to Laugh Over a Glass of Wine. It Will Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

Liza Childs (unpaid spokesmodel) with our new ICC golf towels

Liza Childs (unpaid spokesmodel) with our new ICC golf towels

Wine Wednesday ~ July 6 ~ 5:00 – 6:30

Friends ~ Appetizers ~ Door Prizes

*Family and visiting guests welcome*

Swing By Fore a Fun Time!

And to further whet your appetite: Nothing says Summer like The Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett!!! Wear your dancing shoes, your favorite Hawaiian shirt or dress and come and Dance, Dance, Dance at Wine Wednesday July 13. Per usual…appetizers, Door prizes…a couple of surprises …. come join the fun.

We have a new Facebook page and organized our Social Media presence. Willow Weed-Eaton and Kenny Wiberg have combined the Facebook pages they managed into one: Island Country Club, Deer Isle Maine ( (1) Island Country Club, Deer Isle Maine | Facebook). This is the OFFICIAL Island Country Club Facebook page, where you will find Club news, news of tournaments, events, special activities and general information about the Club. Only Kenny and Willow will be able to upload new posts to this page, but members and others can post comments. There is also the Island Country Club Members Group ((1) Island Country Club members group | Facebook). This is a “members only page” for posting, but public for reading, administered by members Mike Parker and Linda Stratton, who must approve your participation. It contains posts from members and former members about their experiences at the Club, on the Island and out in the world (there is a world out there I’ve been told). The Club’s Instagram page, administered by Willow, is Island Country Club (@islandcountryclub) • Instagram photos and videos. As part of her Clubhouse responsibilities, Willow will also be working with Annie to make certain that all Club news in our media is also available on the Island Country Club website (

The Island Country Club’s participation in the Drive Fore Kids Challenge is reported by Club Manager Annie Ohlrich: “Just an update/ closeout on the Wristbands/ Charity Drive we had in June to benefit the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. We helped to contribute to an overall donation of $135,000 – although we did not collect money directly it appears a number of members did donate via the Scan Code on the flyers. We received a thank you/ appreciation from their coordinator.”

A Note on Course and Court Closings. A decision to close the golf course and/pr tennis courts is made for either of two reasons – (1) scheduled events that require closing to non-playing members and visitors (Golf: tournaments, Ladies Day, League regular play/makeups and Friday Scrambles; Tennis: Open Tennis and Tournaments); and (2) weather – with unplayable conditions determined by the Grounds Superintendent and his team. Arguing with the Clubhouse staff about such closings will do you no good and is exceptionally bad form. You can always call the Pro Shop or check our Facebook page or website before you come to the Club to determine if there is a closing.

News of Golf:

Powered Carts are in short supply in this busy season. An annual or a daily cart purchase entitles the player to one seat in a cart, not both. If your group has two people, each in a cart, the Pro Shop staff, fellow members and visitors would appreciate your pairing up, freeing a cart for another group. On busy days, If the Pro Shop staff notices single user carts in a group they are authorized to direct that the users to pair up. Let me repeat, arguing with the staff will do you no good and is exceptionally bad form.

Twilight League had two sessions last week, reported by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

Play on Monday, June 27:

1-Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 19 Pts

2-Steve Stone/David Greiwe 10 Pts

3-Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 10 Pts

Pins hole 3

1- Ryan Hayward 12’ 4”

2-Jim Twitchell 32’ 10”

Play on Tuesday, June 28 (make-up for June 13):

1-Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 19 pts

2-Steve Stone/David Greiwe 16 pts card playoff

3-Sam Ostrow/John Thompson III 16 Pts (Thank you, John)

Pins hole #4

1- Mark Sterritt 43”

2- John Thompson III 4’ 51/2”

This week’s Twilight League round will be played on Tuesday the 5th due to July 4th holiday.

Billings League play on June 30, played from the Blue tees, is reported by the busiest man on the Island on July 4, Chief Ryan Hayward:

1st- Will Morey/Cory McDonald -1

2nd- Luke Hartman/Nick Eaton -1

3rd- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -1

4th- Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie E

5th- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald +1

PIN #4

1st- Jim McDonald 3′ 5″

2nd- Kendall McGuffie. 13′ 3″

3rd- Connor Morey 17′ 6″


1st- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 22 pts

2nd- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 25 pts

3rd- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 28 pts

4th- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 28 pts

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 36 pts

Ladies Golf on June 28 is reported by Ace Correspondent Anne Douglass: For the second week in a row there were 18 women golfing on Tuesday. We welcomed a new member, Michelle Howland.

We played the Hula Hoop Game. Each hole has a hula hoop on the fringe of the green. Once on the green, you play your ball to the hole. If your ball comes within the area of the hula hoop, it is considered in the hole and that is your hula hoop (HH) score. Golfers can then continue putting to be able to post their scores officially.

First Place – Linda Kimbrell with a HH score of 34

Second Place – Mikey Bannister with a HH score of 39

Third Place – Donna Dupuy with a HH score of 41

Signup Sheets are posted on Pro Shop Bulletin Boards for the next three Golf Tournaments:

The Member/Member on Sunday, July 17 – Men’s and Women’s, and, yes, BOTH players must be members.

The Island Employees Co-op (IEC) on Saturday, July 23

The Masonic Marine Lodge Four Person Scramble on Sunday July 30 (groups from the rained out June date must sign up again).

Formats and other requirements for each tournament are posted with the signup sheets.

Presidents’ Cup play for men continues this week. As always, please allow these two-person match play games to play through should they catch up to your group on the course.

Fix your ball marks! Rake the bunkers! Replace the rakes into the bunkers! Park your powered carts away from the greens in the direction of the next tee! Post your scores on GHIN!

News of Tennis:

Tennis news is reported by “smashing” correspondent Linda Allen: The tennis courts are in tip-top shape and ready for your enjoyment! Open Tennis is held on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Guest fees have been lowered to $15 to encourage more participation so spread the word and invite your friends to come and play!

The Lucky Draw tennis tournament, in which mixed doubles teams are randomly assigned, is a fun tradition that is open to members and non-members. It will be held the morning of Saturday, July 16th.The Mixed Doubles Club Championship will take place the morning of August 6th. This tournament is only open to members and the winners will have their names inscribed on the Club’s trophy! If there is enough interest, a Men’s Doubles Tournament will be held. Sign-up forms have been posted on the Tennis bulletin board so be sure to join the fun!

Once again, we will try to help summer visitors find tennis partners by posting “Find a Partner” sign-up sheets for adults and children. We encourage anyone wanting more court time to put their name on the list and contact others who sign up.

Please remember to sweep the tennis court when completing play. The new surfaces kick up a lot more dust than in prior years. Keep the court ready for play for the next group and make the Grounds Crew a good deal happier!

News of Bridge:

Bridge play for June 27 is reported by our Ace of Club(s), Jim Plotts: We had a small turnout this past week with just 7 participants. Made for us to play a dummy each hand, but everyone made it work.


Annie Holland – 3830

Chuck Holland – 2730

Steve Gay – 2410

There will be NO BRIDGE Monday July 4th. Hope to see a good turnout Monday the 11th.


“… all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice …” – George Washington.

Amen – and have a thoughtful 4th.

Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large