Bridge at ICC

Party Bridge Monday Evenings:  16 hands starting at 7:00 pm. Our first evening will kick off on June 20th!

Members pay $3 and guests pay $5. There are small cash awards — depending on how many people play.  In 2017, the number playing ranged from 8 to 24. There is no advance sign-up. Simply show up with or without a partner. If you come with a partner, you will not be permitted to play with him or her after the first four hands.

It is important that you know how to play bridge, but nobody minds if you use an outdated bidding system. Indeed, one of our most successful players describes her bidding method as “Mount Holyoke 1952.” You will play with a variety of partners and you will have about 90 seconds to ask them a few questions about their bidding systems. The Fairway Cafe is not open while we play, but your entrance fee buys you lemonade, iced tea, and cookies or other snack.  Please check the ICC Calendar to confirm date(s).

For further information, contact Mimi at