The 90’s

Not the 1790’s, when the American economy developed its own complex identity, but our politics fractured for the first time. And not the 1890’s, as the “Gilded Age” collapsed under the burdens of corruption and massive income inequality. And, no, not even the 1990’s, with the dotcom boom ending in the first of the massive busts that have so marred the first quarter of our current century. Our 90’s are Dick Roth (91), Jimmy Madonna (90) and the kid, Joe Bruno, (also 90, but a few months younger than Jimmy). They play golf at the Old Club almost every day. They greet everyone at the first tee and in the parking lot with big smiles and finger crushing handshakes. They flirt shamelessly with Annie, Patty, Willow, and Diana. Several times a week I get emails from one or more of them with ideas as to how to make our Club better.


As we move the Island Country Club inexorably towards its Centennial in a time of many challenges, think about our 90’s and know they are teaching us how to age with grace, strength, perseverance and, above all, optimism.


And with that thought, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The social life of the Club takes top billing as the season heads towards its close. Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Forty member and guests attended the 14th Wine Wednesday last week, and what a great time it was! Sandra Seile’s crabmeat rolls disappeared from the platter as soon as the cover was taken off! Next to disappear was Betsy Morgan’s platter of large shrimp, her specialty this summer! Consistently, every week an abundant display of tasty appetizers equal to dinner. Again this summer we were invited to help Dick Roth celebrate Birthday #91. We all raised a glass of champagne and had birthday cake. Thank you Pat Roth! Dick is proof that time marches on, albeit at a slower pace! Dick shot a 48 on Wednesday, his best round this summer, to date! Door prize winners: Stan Spracker (now back at home in Washington, DC); Dick Newman (first time at Wine Wednesday) and Dick Roth, on his birthday! CONGRATS!




As the summer of 2022 winds down the Social Committee is full steam ahead preparing for the last two, and perhaps the biggest, socials of the summer!


This Wednesday from 5:00-7:00: End of the Summer Picnic & Staff Appreciation Event – Dance Party – 10 Door prizes. No Appetizers this week!! Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Watermelon and an assortment of homemade cookies. Fifty-five signed up so far. Deadline: Monday! Donations appreciated. Here’s hoping this can be an outside event. (Does anyone have a pop-up canopy to put over the grill in case of rain. Grill Master Ryan will appreciate). Late Update: Rain is forecast for Wednesday (on-line betting has it 4-1 against). In that event the picnic will be indoors and smiles will be the sunshine.


September 7th at 5:00 – Annual Thanksgiving Dinner; Limited to 70; call the club to RSVP. NOTE: if you are signed up to contribute food you are already on the RSVP list! Only a couple of requested foods are still needed to complete the dinner. Ask at the Pro Shop when you call.


Gather with your friends before the summer ends. We look forward to seeing you!


End of the season sales start now in the Pro Shop, with all men’s, women’s and kids’ shirts and pullovers 20% off their tag prices. When those in stock are gone, they are fully gone, as we will not be re-ordering until Spring 2023.


The reviews are in on There’s A Treat sandwiches and salads, and the best confirmation of the quality is that the cooler was empty quickly after our first order was delivered. Turkey, ham, Italian combo, a chicken caesar wrap, potato salad and more, and very soon Theresa promises roast beef! All for $10.00, and $13.00 brings you a salty snack and a soft drink.


Labor Day weekend is always a busy time, so make sure to reserve tee times and court time before coming to the Club. Beginning Friday afternoon walk-ons will have to wait for availabilities. And remember, Patty’s word is law – so are Willow’s and Diana’s.


The Pro Shop is beginning to install a new credit/debit card processing system, with the new hardware first. Patty, Willow and Diana are being trained in its use, and your patience is really going to be needed as they learn the equipment. As many have experienced, our old card reader is barely functional, and it is time to go 2022! In the off-season we will be transferring processing to Bar Harbor Bank & Trust’s proprietary system, which has rave reviews from every merchant using it.


The final Fin & Fern Dinner of the season, A Taste of Maine, was a great success, with just over 60 guests gathered in the Clubhouse to enjoy steamed mussels, garlic bread, a special caesar salad, scallops in pasta, baked halibut and a blueberry crumble. Well done to Andy, Leslie and Bob for a great performance all summer. We also express our condolences to the entire Fin & Fern family on the death of their great colleague and friend, Kristi, whose baking represented her love for the craft and was a joy to so many of us.


News of Golf:

The season long ICC Cup race ended Sunday, and while nobody won $18 million, it was a fun and tightly fought competition both for yesterday’s tourney and the full season’s results. Thanks to Men’s Golf Director Ken Wiberg and Tournaments/Co-President Ryan Hayward for a great idea, building interest greatly as it completes its second year. The results for yesterday and the season long competition are:


Men’s’ Gross (played from the Blue tees):

1. Lee Levant 77

2. Stephen Moore 80


Men’s Net (played from the Blue tees):

1. Mark Sterritt

2- Jack Shaw 72 (card playoff)


Men’s Gross (played from the White tees):

1. Dan McLaughlin 75

2- Myron Curtis 82


Men’s Net (played from the White tees)

1. David Greiwe 63

2- Dick Newman 70


Women’s Gross (played from the Gold tees):

1. Linda Rand 50

2. Inese Moore 52


Women’s Net (played from the Gold tees):

1.Sharon Hellstedt 37

2.Suzanne Banghart 40


Men’s Pins Hole 4:

1. Dan McLaughlin 2’ 11”

2. Stephen Moore 5’ 11”


Women’s Pins Hole 6:

Sharon Hellstedt 20’ 5”


The overall ICC CUP points champions

Men’s Division:

Gross: Ken Wiberg 600 pts

Runner-up Mark Sterritt 580 pts

Net: Myron Curtis 740 pts

Runner-up Mark Sterritt 720 pts

Women’s Division:

Gross: Pam Fowler 440 pts

Runner-up: Sharon Hellstedt 430 pts

Net: Suzanne Banghart 640 pts

Runner-up: Pam Fowler 560 pts


Twilight League results for Monday, August 22, using a modified Stableford scoring system and played last week from the Blue tees are presented by Ken Wiberg:

1. Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 19 pts

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 16 pts

3 Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15 pts


Pins Hole 6:

1.Richard Eaton 23’ 7”

2-Stephen Moore 29’ 1”

Ladies Golf on Tuesday, August 23 produced its shortest report ever, provided by weather reporter Sharon Hellstedt: Eight ladies arrived for golf on a misty/rainy morning. Five completed all nine holes! Congratulations to Pam, Mikey, Linda S, Suzanne and Sharon! Hoping for better weather this Tuesday as we play our Howdy Thompson round.


Scrambles on Friday, August 26 is provided by yet another weather reporter, Dick Newman: 21 golf stalwarts braved the All-Rain Scrambles. The sun came out when we finished. The results were surprisingly good. At 3 under was the team of Dan McLaughlin, Dick Woodbridge, Inese Moore and Arthur Poitras. Low putts with 8 was the team of David Greiwe, Ed Black and Tim Greiwe, David’s brother. Closest to the pin on #6 for the men was Mark Sterritt at 8’ 1”. No woman put it on the 6th green. We still need rain, but maybe next Friday ‘s scramble will be spared.


Claude Hoopes, representing the Island Country Club, finished tied 3d in the Maine Senior Amateur Championship held recently at Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth, only two shots out of the lead in the two-day event. Well played! Claude finished first in the over 70 Division for the second consecutive year.


News of Tennis:

Your editor and others in his threesome in the ICC Cup Tournament watched Courts 2 and 3 get watered yesterday as we played Hole 3. The spray felt good. At least there is no made-up news.


Open Tennis will continue Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Think of it as a nice diversion from watching the US Open.


News of Bridge:

Bridge play on August 22 is reported by the Ace of Hearts, Jim Plotts: We had a perfect 12 players filling out 3 tables. Play was consistent with us completing 3 rounds well before 9:00. Pat Roth AGAIN brought her brownies. Always fun to have the younger Holland family come. This week we had Roland, Marika’s son and Annie and Chuck’s grandson.


3410 – Ruthie Levant

3210 – Mimi

2230 – Steve Braelove.

2080 – Marika ( out of the prize money )


Bridge will be played tonight in the Clubhouse at 7:00PM. Refreshments likely. The season is winding down, but no end of season date selected yet.







Editor’s Note: “I feel a cool vein in the breeze, which braces my thought, and I pass with pleasure over sheltered and sunny portions of the sand where the summer’s heat is undiminished, and I realize what a friend I am losing.” – Henry David Thoreau


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large