The View from Away

It is a strange sense your editor has as he reports from away on the closing days of the Club’s season, the first time this has happened in many years. When on the Island, it is like a hive – the busy, buzzing center of all life that is meaningful. When “away” the Island is no less meaningful, but the importance of the busyness there is seen in context, and one senses both how like the rest of the world the Island is, and how different. The Island seems as “magical” as it has so often been found, but its realities are actually far more visible contemplated from a far place.


The upcoming closing of the Clubhouse for the season, seen and in part managed from away, loses its melancholy. That it is a seasonal business and that it is being closed in the regular course of seasonal businesses becomes more evident. Yet, the magic presents itself in the realization that for those of us who choose to winter here the course will remain where we gather and play; and the meeting of friends of now very long standing in the few open shops, at Winterfest, in the lobby of the Opera House on movie night, will be as cherished as it can only be in the snow and chill of a remote Island off the coast of Maine.


It has been an excellent 94th season, as next week’s final newsletter will describe. The metrics are important, to be sure, ensuring more excellent seasons to come. But what can be sensed from away is there was a different and good sensibility at the Old Club all season – we have made it through a very tough time, we have done it together as we were meant to, and together the Islanders, “summer people,” residents, retirees, fisherman, carpenters, grounds men and women and Clubhouse staffers who are the Island Country Club have forged a new commitment to each other. That also ensures many excellent seasons to come.


And on that joyous note, herewith the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

COVID never goes away, and as reported over the weekend two members who attended the Ladies Golf closing luncheon last Tuesday have tested positive, but, fortunately, are experiencing mild symptoms. Please note that the Clubhouse staff will be masked this week as a precaution, and we are asking the members to please practice social distancing when in the Clubhouse. All planned activities will continue as scheduled.


The Clubhouse staff will close the Clubhouse on afternoons when there are few members or visitors coming to the course. Willow asks that members call ahead if they don’t have tee times to make sure the Clubhouse is open if they need anything on arrival. Lunch sandwiches and salads from There’s A Treat will continue to be available for as long as business warrants, and you may find special pricing as the season comes to a close.


The final Full Board Meeting of the Season will be held in the Clubhouse this Wednesday, September 21, at 4:00PM. Very important will be a season end financial review and discussion of major equipment purchases recommended by the Grounds Committee to be in place for next season. All members are invited to participate but only current Board members may vote on any matters requiring approval.


The Clubhouse will close for the season on Monday, October 10, however sales of food, beverages, clothing and golf and tennis accessories will end as those items sell out or when the registers are turned off for season-end accounting the last week of September. We have ended re-ordering beer, wine and soft drinks as well as snacks, and all clothing. There’s a Treat sandwiches and salads will continue as long as the demand supports it. Willow, Patty and Diana, consulting with Annie, will be putting more merchandise on sale throughout the month to reduce inventories and storage requirements. Please ask about special pricing for case orders.


Increasing Club presence in the community is an important priority, and the Club is happy to support the fundraising efforts of many Island and Peninsula organizations. Just this month, we have provided raffle and auction coupons for rounds of golf in the 2023 Season to Alfred’s Christmas Benefit (providing gifts to isolated seniors), Island Cheer (a statewide competitive program for Island youngsters), Opera House Arts, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries and George Stevens Academy.


News of Golf:

Ladies Golf ended its season on September 13, the ever chipper Sharon Hellstedt reports: Eighteen ladies played a scramble format on Tuesday, September 13, the last day of organized play. They will continue to gather on Tuesday and Thursdays for informal play. Two teams tied for the win with scores of 33:

Linda Allen

Marilyn Schroer

Linda Rand

Eliza Childs

(10 team putts)


Inese Moore

Mikey Bannister

Jean Hutchinson

Sharon Hellstedt

(11 team putts)


A lovely potluck luncheon followed the golf play. The Ladies Golf Fall Meeting was then held. Lisa Haynesworth and Michelle Howland were welcomed as new members. Season award recipients were then recognized: President’s Cup winner: Suzanne Banghart, Runner up: Anne Douglass; Club Championship Gross Winner: Anne Douglass, Net Winners (tie): Eliza Childs and Pam Fowler.



The Very Happy and Loyal Women of Ladies Golf


Twilight League’s Championship round is tonight, September 19, Commissioner Ken Wiberg reports, beginning with last week’s results:

1- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis (John Thompson sub) 23 pts

2- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 22 pts

3- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 21 pts.


Pins Hole 3:

1- Stephen Moore 9’ 1”

2- Lee Levant 22’ 7”


Tonight is Championship Round

Session Standings:

1- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 110 pts

2- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 101 pts

3- Ryan Hayward/Myron Curtis 99 pts

4- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 94 pts

5- Steve Stone/Steve Smith 86 pts

6- Vito Corsini/David Greiwe 84 pts

7- Jack Shaw/Kendall McGuffie 81 pts

8- Lee Levant/Sam Ostrow 80 pts

9- Vern Seile/Jim McDonald 74 pts

10- Luke Hartmann/Jerry Gray 67 pts


Billings League on September 15 and updated Season Standings are presented by the very unbiased (see final note) Ryan “Chief” Hayward:

1st – Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie -5

2nd – Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile -4

3rd – Will Morey/Cory McDonald -4

4th – Luke Hartmann/Nick Eaton -3

5th – Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -3

Pin # 6

1st- Doug Seibert 10′ 10″

2nd- Peter Grindle 17′ 3″



1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 63 pts.

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 86 pts.

3rd- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 92 pts.

4th- Bry Ciomei/Kendall McGuffie 93 pts.

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 93 pts.

6th- Baren Yurchick/J. McDonald 103 pts.


Final week for points will be this Thursday. 2nd place through 6th place is still up for grabs as the race to the end approaches!!! Stay tuned until next week to see how the best league at the club finishes up.


Scrambles on September 16 is reported by Co-Commissioner and very unscrambled Mimi Gerstell: On the 16th, there were five teams in the competition. Low gross winners at 31 were Mark Sterritt, Dick Newman, Carol Shaw, and Jeannette Parker. Low putts winners with 10 putts were John Shanklin, Mimi Gerstell, Joe Bruno, and Dick Roth. Closest-to-the-pin awards went to Dan McLaughlin (7’3″) and Inese Moore (13’7″). Friday golf Scrambles WILL continue on September 23 and 30 if enough people sign up. Scrambles loyalist and Island Country Club legend Joe Bruno filed his own report on the competition of September 13: I would like to describe our Scrambles team on Friday: Our team consisted of a guy in his 70’s, John Shanklin, who can hit the ball well; then we had a 91 year old, Dick Roth, who is a bit more handicapped than I am; the third person was a late 70’s gal, Mimi, who putts well; and then there was this 90 year old geezer in the person of me. Well, we did ourselves proud and had a lot of fun. The winning team came in at 3 under, we came in at 2 under, but we won low putts!!! Got my $5 back, plus $2! I dare say, we were the oldest team out there! People are leaving – Jim Madonna (also 90) left Friday – it got a little emotional when he told me he was leaving the next day and would see me next year. We shook hands, hugged and said, “See you next year!” Such is life…wouldn’t want it any other way, Sam. So blessed to be on this special island.

As always, Joe gets it right.


Men’s Morning Golf goes on – and so does this amazing group of guys:


Men’s Morning Golf on a Fine September Morn


As proof you can recover quickly from COVID if you’re fully shot and boosted, Carol Shaw hit the pin and #6 during Scrambles and the ball just missed Jim Plotts having to make another plaque. Nice pin placement, Keith!


So Near, and Yet ….


News of Tennis:

The courts will remain open until they aren’t, Open Tennis will be played on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons as usual and recent participation puts the lie to that wonderful line in Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come.”


News of Bridge:

The FINAL Bridge report of the season comes from the King of Club(s), Jim Plotts: We have decided to close our season with this past week’s game. It has been a fun and hopefully learning experience for everyone who participated. We hope to return next year.



It was a somewhat strange evening. You will see by the scores there weren’t a lot of great scoring hands. We unfortunately only had 7players which makes for awkward playing having to move around to cover 2 tables. But we had a lot of cookies!!

1670 – Jim Plotts

1660 – Don Powell


And the Best News from Bridge in a later note from Jim: Just for your information I made the last deposit of our bridge groups portion of funds to the club. We put in the Club’s coffers $212!!!! Thank you everyone.



Editor’s Note:

God Bless the Gracious Queen

God Save the Nascent King

For nearly 250 years, together we have saved and remained committed to faith in the people’s rule.


Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large