A Sunday Bag

A Sunday Bag is usually made of canvas, with a hard bottom and a cloth strap slung over the shoulder, used by golfers out for a comfortable round and usually carrying less than the full complement of 14 clubs. Last week at the old Club was somewhat of a Sunday Bag as well. Our COVID restrictions reduced the number of events in and around the Clubhouse, and some members stayed away with health concerns. Maybe things seemed easier because it was just “too darned hot.” Whatever the reason there was a casual sensibility to both the planned and the spontaneous doings of the week – some of which may have important consequences.


The Sunday Bag metaphor came to your editor Saturday when a course evaluator from Golf Digest came to the Club to play 18 holes by himself. He wanted to walk, and he carried with him a very unpretentious Sunday Bag. As he finished his front 9, which he played from the Blue tees, he thought of taking a cart for the back, which he would play from the White. But, as he walked to the first/tenth tee he told us that he found the course so very walkable he would simply remove from his Sunday Bag the clubs he found he wouldn’t need on our course, making his load light enough to enjoy the remaining walk and the play. We have no idea what he will do with his visit, but everyone should know he found our course “delightful,” “very playable,” “beautiful” (except for the really rough rough just beyond the left side fairway bunker on #7), and something “I would recommend.”


We received similar positive comments from John Daniels, the USGA’s consulting agronomist for the Northeastern U.S., who spent half a day with members of the Greens Committee touring the course, discussing our course maintenance and providing guidance on everything from equipment purchases and servicing to clearing some the unnecessarily penal undergrowth from the fescue to more efficient mowing practices to improving the definition of some of our holes. We expect a complete report and set of recommendations in a couple of weeks, but it was great to hear his continual praise of the work Grounds Superintendent Keith Hoover and his crew are performing, especially in this season of persistent drought.


And a personal salute to Keith and the Grounds Crew. After their incredible performance two weeks ago, and the brutal heat and humidity of last week, Keith hoped for a day off on Saturday. But, when he heard an evaluator from Golf Digest was coming to the Club, he and the crew came in early to rake up the bunkers and mow the fairways so that they looked their absolute best. That’s how proud these amazing men and one woman are of this wonderful course, and all of us are honored by their commitment.


And herewith a Sunday Bag of News:


News of the Clubhouse:

There are still a few seats left for Boots and Barbecue on Tuesday evening. Your editor lives a few houses up from Fin & Fern and I can already sense the smoker working on the brisket, chicken and brats Chef Andy Chappell is making just for the Island Country Club. Lots of side dishes, including Andy’s special slaw and Rancho Beans, are also on offer, as well as the Shiner Bock Beer Texan Annie has stocked in our coolest cooler. $35.00 per person, outdoor and indoor seating, 5:30PM beverages and … 6:00PM dinner. Call the Clubhouse at 348 2379 or email iccmanager@gmail.com with the number in your party.


The luncheon honoring the memory of Ginny Perry will be Tuesday, August 9. Many thanks to Ginny’s daughter and our friend Linda Kimbrell for sparing the Clubhouse staff another two-hour turnaround between a luncheon and a dinner. Details of the luncheon will come to the Club Ladies soon.


While the special COVID restrictions have been lifted, the virus remains very much present in the area, and taking reasonable precautions is very dmuch recommended. Willow and Diana are being very diligent about sanitizing the public areas of the Clubhouse frequently, and they are most often wearing masks for their protection and yours.


Happy Birthday Patty! Your commitment to our protocols, hard work and discipline have been a gift to the Club this entire season, and we hope you enjoy your special day and this year as much as we have enjoyed having you a part of our great team.


And “speaking” of birthdays, this from Manager Annie: “… a thank you from me to everyone if possible for the kindness and support for my birthday last week and for everything. I will never be able to thank everyone enough, but please know I love this place and everyone.”


News of Golf:

Congratulations to Suzanne Banghart, 2022 Ladies Presidents’ Cup Champion, in a tight battle with Anne Douglass which came down to the final hole. Well played. It is important to note that both the Ladies and Men’s Presidents’ Cup championship matches were decided on the 18th hole for women and the 19th for men, competed by players with very disparate handicap indexes. The handicap system works! Post your scores on the GHIN application on the tablet near the Manager’s office or on your mobile device.


Twilight League’s first season ended last week, with Ryan Hayward and Dick Dunham as champions. Last week’s results and season standings are provided by Commissioner Ken Wiberg:

Last Week:

1- Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 18 pts

2- Vern Seile/Jim Twitchell(Dan McLaughlin sub) 17 pts

3- Jim McDonald/Jack Shaw(Nick Eaton sub) 15 pts card play-off

Pins Hole 4:

1- Nick Eaton 5’ 8”

2- David Greiwe 5’ 10”

Season 1 Final Standings:

1- Ryan Hayward/Dick Dunham 143 pts Champions

2- Ken Wiberg/Vito Corsini 120 pts runner-ups

3- Steve Stone/David Greiwe 104 pts

4- Jim Twitchell/Vern Seile 102 pts

4- Jack Shaw/Jim McDonald 102 pts

6- Sam Ostrow/John Thompson III 96 pts

7- Steve Smith/Richard Eaton 86 pts

8- Lee Levant/Jerry Gray 84 pts

9- Myron Curtis/Ed Black 79 pts

10- Mark Sterritt/Kendall McGuffie 74 pts


Season 2 of Twilight League begins tonight. Same game, different partners!


The Masonic Marine Lodge 4 Person Scramble on July 31 was a great success. The course was full of foursomes, the tees were festooned with advertising support from many local businesses, and the play was hard fought on yet another hot, muggy morning in Maine. Thanks to Vern Seile for all the work to reschedule this important traditional fundraiser for youth sports organizations on the Island. And thanks, also. to Willow Weed-Eaton and Diana Smith for their graciously handling the rush of sign-ins and the constant stopping in for more beverages on a really muggy day.


First Low Gross at 58 strokes (10 under par!) went to Ryan Hayward, Ken Wiberg, Cory Webb and John Thompson; Second was the foursome of Mark Sterritt, Steve Moore, Charlie Odenweller and newcomer Ivan Dupuy. Low Net was won by Connor Morey, Will Morey, Bry Ciomei and Baren Yurchick at 51, followed by Lee Levant, David Greiwe, Luke Hartman and Dan McLaughlin at 52. Ryan Hayward’s shot on #4 was only 2’4” from the cup, followed by Connor Morey at 5’7”.


Ladies Golf for July 26 is reported by Mikey Bannister: We had 14 participants on Tuesday. We abbreviated the play in consideration of the COVID issue. All participants met outside the Clubhouse where attendance was taken, and players were sent out to their respective holes to play. We were only tracking putts for the day’s contest. 1st place was a tie between Eliza Childs and Paula Colwell with 15 putts. 3rd place went to Linda Rand with 16 putts. Congratulations ladies. We look forward to next week and hope for a good turnout.


Billings League results for July 28 are reported by Ryan (He’s Winning Everything) Hayward:


1st- Ethan Shepard/Devin Nevells -3

2nd- Luke Hartmann/Nick Eaton -2

3rd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini -1

4th- Richard Eaton/Terry Seibert -1

5th- Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile E

PIN #4

1st- Connor Morey 9′ 8″

2nd- Luke Hartmann 15′ 0”

3rd- Richard Eaton 16′ 6″


1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 34 pts.

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 43 pts.

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 56 pts.

4th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 58 pts.

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 67 pts.


Scrambles on Friday, July 29 is reported by Co-Commissioner Dick Newman, who always tells it like it is: “Only 11 participants in the Howdy Thompson. At 2 under, the team of Mark Sterritt, John Plotts and Arthur Poitras won. With 13 putts the team of Walt Epply, Charlie Odenweller, Dick Newman and Marie Epply won. Doubtful that we’ll repeat with such a poor turnout.”


Scrambles will be played on Friday, August 5 at 9:00AM. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379. This weekly game is a Club tradition that goes way, way back. Try it, you might like it.


News of Tennis:

Tennis news is reported by Smashing Correspondent (and Tennis Co-Director) Linda Allen: It’s almost time for the Mixed Doubles Club Championship at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Find a partner and join in on this special event! The sign-up sheet is on the tennis bulletin board. This tournament is open to members only.


The rescheduled Lucky Draw tournament, however, is open to visitors as well as members. It will be held on Saturday, Aug. 20th at 9:00 am. Don’t miss out on this fun event!


This week’s Open Tennis attracted a couple staying on Mt. Desert Island who have traveled in an RV from the West Coast. They are tennis enthusiasts who were thrilled to be able to play in our friendly round robin session. You never know who might show up! This week’s Open Tennis times are Wednesday from 9:00 to noon and Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00. Come and join us!


News of Bridge:

Bridge was not played last week because of the COVID restrictions, but it will resume tonight at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse. Please arrive by 6:45 to help in determining the number of tables to be played. Refreshments are likely. $3.00 for members, $5.00 for guests.




Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large