A Magnificent Grasp of the Obvious

As the crew that repaired the old Clubhouse’s chimney was departing last Thursday afternoon, one of the team turned to Annie and said, “don’t use it for three days.” Three days later the Clubhouse thermometer facing the first tee showed 90 degrees just after 12:00 noon – and it may have gone higher, but your editor had a newsletter to write. It’s obvious we won’t be testing that new chimney lining any time soon.


The persistent heat certainly had quite an effect on the activities at the Old Club last week, with diminished participation in the usual play. Combined with what the National Weather Service now calls a severe drought, there also have been impacts on the course and courts that Keith and his crew have been doing an amazing job of managing. Those of us who play golf here in the winter are known to carry awls in our bags to penetrate the frozen tees. They’re back in use for the same tees, now baked hard by the unrelenting sun. It’s obvious the Intrepid Company plays prepared.


Last Friday we bid good trip, good care and good health to Annie, as she left for what is scheduled to be a month of medical care in Boston. She has done her usual great job of getting Patty, Willow and Diana ready to manage the Clubhouse, and, as we knew she would, she made clear she would remain in as much touch and doing as much of her many responsibilities as her care allows. It is obvious how much she cares about the Club, and equally obvious how lucky the Club is that she found us and became our Manager.


And herewith, obviously, is the news:


News of the Clubhouse:

The Club’s Annual Meeting is Wednesday, August 17 at 4:00PM in the Clubhouse or on the lawn behind the patio, depending on the weather. The agenda begins with an overview by outgoing Co-President Dana Douglass of the past year, operations reviews by Annie (if available) and Keith, a financial Review by David Greiwe and Emily Hawkins, Directors’ presentations (3 minutes each, please) from the Social, Handicap and Rules, Men’s Golf, Tournaments, Ladies Golf and Tennis Committees, and election of Officers and Directors for the coming year. The complete report of the Nominating Committee has been posted in the Clubhouse and on the ICC website. The nominees are:

Executive Committee Officers and Directors:

Co-President 1 – Sam Ostrow (1 year term)

Co-President 2 – Ryan Hayward (2 year term)

Co-Vice President 1 – One Year Term (Vacant)

Co-Vice President 2 – Shaun Webb (2 Year Term)

Treasurer – David Greiwe (1 year term)

Secretary – Mikey Bannister (1 year term)

Board Members/Directors (one year terms):

Building – Vern Seile

Social – Jeannette Parker

Golf Handicap and Rules – Dick Dunham

Long Range Planning – Lee Levant

Golf Tournaments – Ryan Hayward

Men’s Golf – Ken Wiberg

Ladies Golf – To be determined by Ladies Golf

Grounds – Jon Hellstedt

Tennis – to be chosen by Tennis members

At Large – Mike Parker, Walt Epply, Jim Plotts


As noted, the Club’s constitution calls for two Vice Presidents serving staggered terms. The Nominating Committee is seeking a Vice President to serve a one-year term beginning with this year’s election and to be nominated for a two year term as Club President at next year’s Annual Meeting. If you are interested, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee – Linda Stratton, Lee Levant and Sam Ostrow.


Clubhouse hours and services will remain the same while Annie is in Boston. Patty Eaton has the Con (as they say in the submarine business) weekday mornings and, yes, Patty’s word is law. Willow Weed-Eaton and Diana Smith will handle the afternoons, League evenings and weekends – and you don’t want to mess with either of them either. Seriously, they are managing a difficult situation with skill, dedication, patience and great charm. Members should please continue to do the same. The Clubhouse can use one more staffer on call as a fill-in. If you know someone who would like to work in the Clubhouse for the next month (and possibly longer), please let Willow know. Over 21 preferred.


Boots and Barbecue on August 2 was a great success, with over 50 members and guests enjoying Fin & Fern’s smoked brisket, chicken, ribs, sausage and great accompaniments of freshly baked cornbread, Chef Andy’s slaw and potato salad and a banana cream dessert that dissolved tooth enamel instantly.


A Full Plate!



Thanks to Chef Andy, Manager Leslie and Omnipresent Bob

(Linda Stratton Photos)


Tasting the Best of Maine is up next, on August 23. This will be the last in this year’s series of Fin & Fern dinners, with the menu dependent on what Maine’s fishermen and farmers bring to the market in the week before the dinner. Beverages and starters at 5:30PM, dinner at 6:00PM and great eating and conversation for as long as you’d like. Sign up in the Clubhouse or by phone (348 2379) now to assure a place at this sure to be incredible evening. The price will be posted when we know for sure what the market provides.


Wine Wednesday came back strong last week, Social Director Jeannette Parker reports: Last week’s Wine Wednesday was a gathering of 30 members, friends and guests. Once again a fabulous selection of appetizers and desserts. Thank you to the many talented cooks that contribute every week to make these gatherings savory and sweet. Door prize winners were Tom Colwell, Beverly Twitchell and Jack Hanson.


Four Wine Wednesdays remaining… This week on August 10, 5:00-6:30PM. Don’t miss this week’s Bagpipe performance by David Greiwe.


Mark Your Calendar for the Last Wine Wednesday of the season – a Dance Party!!! August 31 ~ 5:00-6:30.

Taking your requests for your favorite dance songs. Because of the generosity of anonymous member donations, there will be many GREAT door prizes during this last social event of the summer.



There is NO SMOKING IN THE CLUBHOUSE! None! Nada! Nyet! No! And, as the drought persists, those still doomed to smoke outdoors must be very careful to make sure smoking material is fully extinguished when you are done. The chances of igniting brush or even dried out grass and causing a devastating fire is much too great to ignore.


News of Golf:

The Men’s Club Championship is this coming Saturday and Sunday (August 13-14). There are two Divisions: an Open Group from which the Club Champion will emerge and a Senior Division for men over 65. Signup is on the Men’s Bulletin Board. Saturday’s rounds can be scheduled by the players throughout the day, Sunday’s will be assigned by the Tournament Committee, beginning at 8:00AM depending on placement after the Saturday round. The course will remain open for tee times for all members Saturday, closed until play is completed on Sunday.


Ladies Golf on August 2 is reported by Anne Douglass: The fog dissipated as 20 women gathered to play the Dice Game on Tuesday morning. The Dice game is like a simple Scrambles, but with a more randomized way of determining the first tee shot. Each group gets a die, and before the group starts, two decisions need to happen. Each player picks a number 1-4 (or 1-3 if a three-some). That number is theirs for the whole round. Also, each group figures out some rotation system for who tosses the die, could be using the 1-4 numbers or alphabetically by first name, or whatever. At the first tee box everyone hits a first shot. Then the first person on the rotation tosses the die. If a 1, 2, 3, or 4 comes up, the team has to use the drive of the person assigned that number. If a 5 or 6 comes up, the team can choose which drive to use. Continue playing a regular Scramble format to complete the hole. At the second tee box everyone again hits a first shot. Then the second person on the rotation tosses the die and, based on what number comes up on the die, you follow the same format to figure out which drive to use. Keep driving and then tossing on each tee box to determine the first shots! Mulligans can be used. (Editor’s Note: These rules were obviously developed at Ikea). And after all of that:

First Place – Foursome of Inese Moore, Pam Fowler, Anne Douglass and Lyn Hoopes with a Dice Game score of 30

Second Place – Fivesome of Linda Kimbrell, Paula Cowell, Nancy Eaton, Judy Darby, Jean Hutchinson with a Dice Game score of 34.


In Billings League play on August 4, Chief/Correspondent/Soon to be Co-President Ryan Hayward reports:

Gold Tees

1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt -5

2nd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald -4

3rd- Kenny Wiberg/Vern Seile -2

4th- Ethan Shepard/Devin Nevells -2

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert -2


PIN #6

1st- Cory McDonald 2′ 6″

2nd- Will Morey 2′ 11″

3rd- Peter Grindle 3′ 4″



1st- Connor Morey/Andy Pratt 34 pts

2nd- Ryan Hayward/Vito Corsini 50 pts

3rd- Baren Yurchick/Jim McDonald 58 pts

4th- Will Morey/Cory McDonald 67 pts

5th- Doug Seibert/Tim Seibert 72 pts


Twilight League started its second season on August 1, Commissioner Ken Wiberg reports. Scoring is under a modified Stableford format:

1- Jim Twitchell/Dick Dunham 18pts

2- Ken Wiberg/Nick Eaton 15pts card playoff

3- Mark Sterritt/Richard Eaton 15pts


Pins Hole 6

1- Steve Stone 4’8”

2- Luke Hartmann 8’ 4”


Scrambles was played on a Friday as hot as the low putts team’s putters, as reported by Commissioner Mimi Gerstell: Three foursomes competed in the Friday Scrambles on August 5th. Low gross winners at 3 under par on a “card playoff” were Mark Sterritt, Dave Greiwe, Dick Roth, and Julia Martinez. A pittance was awarded for low putts; that went to Lee Levant, Ed Black, Charlie Odenweller, and John Knapp for their admirable score of 9 putts. Scrambles will be played again on Friday, August 12 at 9:00AM. Signup in the Pro Shop or call 348 2379, and please provide your handicap index to assure a fair balancing of teams.

News of Tennis:

Ace Correspondent Linda Allen filed this brief report: In tennis news, the warm temperatures have made for some steamy action on the tennis courts. Open Tennis continues Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Guests are welcome to participate for a low fee of only $15. The Mixed Doubles Tournament was cancelled due to a scarcity of players for the competition. If there are interested players, we can try again before the end of the season. Just let me know of your availability.


Tennis courts two and three are being adversely affected by the heat and drought. Because the courts sit on ledge, and are surrounded by closely planted trees, there is residual water trapped underneath them, while the surface is being baked by the unrelenting sun and heat. This results in some pitting, soft spots and excessive heavy dust. Keith and the crew are looking at ways to mitigate the issues this is causing for play on these courts. Patience is requested, as is whatever you can do to bring this area rain and a cool front.


News of Bridge:

“SPARSE CROWD FOR MONDAY NIGHT BRIDGE,” Diamond Jim Plotts, co-commissioner, headlined. “We only had 10 players this past week which makes for difficult playing. Nobody got to play all 3 rounds.” Jim also noted, “Jim Plotts brought store bought cookies, not Pat Roth’s homemade brownies. It seemed to have an effect on the turnout.”


3110 – Judy Miller

2480 – Steve Gay

1470 – Mimi Gerstell (only 2 rounds)


Bridge will be played tonight in the Clubhouse at 7:00PM. Please arrive by 6:45 to assist in setting up the tables and arranging the rotation of players. $3.00 for members, $5.00 for guests. Mystery refreshments.



Sam Ostrow

Editor at Large