That Was the Week That Wasn’t

If you remember the television show from which that headline is derived the bad news is that you are as old as I am. The good news is that you still have a working memory (perhaps until you add up how many strokes you took on #8). A not uncommon combination of typically foul mid-May Maine weather, late arriving “summer people” and some non-Covid health issues conspired to lead to the cancellation of many of last week’s planned early season activities. The forecast for this week, leading into the Memorial Day weekend, is much better, and so, as is true for all real golfers and sportsmen, our hopes remain strong.
With that, our news looks mainly ahead.

News of the Clubhouse:
The rollout of daily lunch from Fin & Fern was reasonably successful. We sold out on Day One (thank you Ladies Golf!), and our order for the next few days modestly overestimated how many folks would be coming to the course, the bad weather certainly being a factor. Rumors to the contrary, very little food was wasted. As we get more experience (and more players and visitors coming to the Club) we’ll get orders and lunches more in synch. Do know that we received many compliments on the variety, quality and cost of the Fin & Fern lunches, with Annie offering great values on special combinations.

No fires in the Great Room fireplace for a while. A professional chimney company has confirmed Fire Chief and Club Ryan Hayward’s assessment that the chimney needs significant work before the fireplace can be used safely. We are in the process of evaluating a formal estimate and timeframe. Your patience is appreciated.

Handsome/beautiful shirts, fleeces and quarter zips are on display in colors bright and subtle in the Pro Shop. Members are receiving a 20% discount from the posted retail prices. And don’t forget the Pro Shop carries a wide choice of golf balls, tees and other accessories as well as wonderful gifts for friends and souvenirs.

Wine Wednesdays Begin June 1. Come to enjoy good food, interesting wines and great conversation. Bring an appetizer to share if you wish and be ready to enjoy the unique preparations of the many regulars at these wonderful gatherings. As Social Director Jeannette Parker put it so well, “Swing By ‘Fore’ a Fun Time.”

Ladies Golf needs drivers – make that trailer drivers to ferry three or four golf carts from the Club to the July 4th Parade in Deer Isle. We are looking for trailers that commonly carry lawn mowers and 4 wheelers. The trailers will transport the carts over to the corner of Bridge Street and Pressey Village Road in Deer isle Village, where the carts will be removed and the final decorations consistent with the parade’s “Flamingo” theme will be attached. After the parade, the decorations will be removed and the carts must be returned on trailers to the Club. If you have such a trailer and would be willing to transport the golf carts, contact Linda Stratton (

News of Golf:
The Trifecta opens the Golf Tournament Season on Sunday, May 29. This is an 18 hole tournament for men, with the first 6 holes being Scrambles, then 6 of Best Ball and finally the dreaded Alternate Shot for the final 6. Ladies will play 9 holes, with three holes in each format in the same order as the Men. All play begins from the first tee. There are many tee times still available, and you can sign up on the Men’s and Ladies’ bulletin boards in the Pro Shop. There is a $25 entry fee.

Scrambles on May 20th was cancelled for lack of sign-ups. Early season blues. Scrambles will be played on Friday, May 27 at 9:00AM. Sign up in the Pro Shop or call the desk (348 2379) by 3:00PM on Thursday.

Billings League on May 19th was cancelled by a fortuitous rain, which, had it started about 20 minutes later, would have resulted in 36 soaked players. Billings League will resume on Thursday, May 26 at 4:00PM.

Twilight League begins Monday, June 6. Commissioner Ken Wiberg ( is looking for more participants and has provided the following description of this season’s two sessions, the format and other requirements: Twilight league will be starting June 6th and running to July 25th. The second season will start August 1 and run to September 19th. Each session is 8 weeks with the championship taking place on week 8. Back by popular demand we will be using a rotating tee schedule week to week. Also back by popular demand the format will be a modified Stableford system, using net scoring (current handicaps are required).
Eagle = 3 pt.
Birdie = 2 pt.
Par = 1 pt.
Bogey = 0 pt.
Double Bogey = +1 pt.
Triple Bogey = +2 pt.
Anything over triple Bogey will be capped at +3 pt.
Each season will have a one-time entry fee of $15 per person applied for season ending prizes. A weekly fee to be determined by how many players we have will be collected for the weekly pay outs for 1st, 2nd & possible 3rd places along with closest to pin prizes. Ken adds, that “teams will be drawn from a hat, probably by one of my kids.”

News of Tennis:
No Love from the company performing the installation of the new fence on Court #1. Once again, they’ve delayed, once again with a new excuse. They are now telling us it will happen “this week.” And, as previously reported, until that fence is in place the annual re-surfacing of all three courts cannot be done. We will keep you informed whenever there’s news.